Joining Our Team

There are many organizations that provide registration for your pet. The two main organizations our program uses are Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Pet Partners. These organizations provide testing and registration, insurance, and member benefits. If you are interested in becoming a part of the CHI Health Good Samaritan Animal Assisted Programs, contact the Volunteer Services office at 308.865.7150. 

Why be a therapy pet volunteer?

Contact with animals is very important to many people, especially those who find themselves in a setting where they are out of touch with a pet they may have had to leave at home.

Who is eligible to join?

We accept well-mannered dogs of any size or breed except Wolf-hybrids & Coyote-hybrids.  We do not provide obedience training for dogs or cats. We take appropriately behaved dogs/cats and help the dog/cat/handler team interact in various facility settings. In order to be considered for our program, your dog must be:

  • At least 1 year of age
  • No history of aggression
  • Able to obey you amidst distractions
  • At ease with being handled by strangers
  • Able to get along easily with other dogs
  • Healthy and current on all vaccinations